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OCTax doesn’t like to wish anyone a Happy Tax Day. We will save the best wishes for April 30th, Tax Freedom Day for Californians. That’s the day that Californians have to work until they pay their total tax bill for 2014. This is the 4th latest day nationally.

California ranks near the top for tax burden per capita. A study from 2011 from the Tax Foundation shows that our taxpayers pay $5,136 per capita in state and local taxes. At 11.35% we are above the national average of 9.9%. Our personal income taxes are the highest, our gas tax is the highest, our sales tax is the highest, and without Proposition 13 can you only imagine what our property taxes would be?

Even with all that money flowing into Sacramento, Wall St 24/7 recently ranked California as the worst run state in the nation.

For more facts and information on where California ranks nationally on taxes visit the Tax Foundation website.

By Carolyn Cavecche, President & CEO of Orange County Taxpayers Association

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