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The Orange County Taxpayers Associations support tax policies that are fair, reasonable and good for the economy. As a local advocate in the community, we frequently hold virtual informative discussions with local leaders to  discuss policies and issues. 
STOP the $11.5 BILLION-A-YEAR Property Tax Hike

The Split Roll- 2020 Ballot Initiative: Proposition 15 will cause fewer jobs and reduce wages, raise prices for goods and services, magnify the housing crisis, increase the cost to do business in California, and will leave homeowners vulnerable to the complete elimination of Proposition 13 protections.  Proposition 15 is a $10-$12 BILLION tax increase on every Californian at a time we cannot afford it.

Sign the Petition

If you oppose Prop 15, let your voice be heard by signing our OCTax petition! We will keep you up-to-date on the latest as we move towards the November Election. 

Join the No on 15 Coalition

OCTax has joined together with local cities, businesses and residents to opposed Proposition 15. If you'd like to join our coalition, contact us know!

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