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OPPOSE Buena Park Measure A

OCTax is opposed to Measure A.  The authors of Measure A only want to do one thing, stop a proposal for a small condominium development on a golf course, next to the existing club house.  What they are telling the residents of Buena Park is that Measure A is about saving city parks.  And who wouldn't want to save a city park.  Unfortunately, that is just a smokescreen. 

Measure A is poorly written. It could require a full citywide election for even simple improvements at City Parks.

That increases the costs of Measure A, increases the cost of improvements, and delays them from happening.  It could also requite a full citywide election for a small business, like a nursery, who wants to build a greenhouse under SCE power lines and operate their business.  Regularly scheduled elections only take place every two years. A special election would just cost even more.

Measure A is costing the taxpayers of Buena Park over $200,000 now, and if it passes, will have direct costs of ten of thousands more, plus cost the city potentially millions in economic activity.  

There is a process in place that has served Buena Park well for over 60 years.  Please don't waste anymore tax dollars in Buena Park.  Vote No on Measure A.

By Carolyn Cavecche

President & CEO of Orange County Taxpayers Association

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