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Taxpayer Protection Initiative Qualifies for 2024 Ballot

(Orange, CA) The November 2024 election is slated to be an important one for taxpayer advocates in California. According to Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, an initiative proponents refer to as “The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act” has qualified for the general election ballot. The initiative would require voter approval for new or increased taxes enacted by the legislature and would reinforce the protections under Prop 13 to strengthen the threshold for voter approval of local special taxes to two-thirds.

The initiative also eliminates voters’ ability to advise how to spend revenues from a proposed general tax on the same ballot as the proposed tax. Further, this effort would expand the definition of taxes to include specific regulatory fees, which broadens the application of tax approval requirements. Approximately 997,139 valid signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State.

“The largest number of signatures supporting this initiative came from Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties,” said OCTax CEO and President Sara Catalán. “It’s encouraging to see Southern California counties serving as the driving force behind expanding taxpayer protections.”

In its role as Orange County's leading taxpayer advocacy organization, OCTax will be dedicated to monitoring this initiative's progress and success.

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