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Your Property Tax Allocation Guide

The most difficult tax trail to follow is Property Tax allocation.  Your property tax dollars are exclusively used by local government, but will affect the state budget, as the state's education spending obilgations are based on how much property tax revenue is being received by your local school district. The question, "where are my property tax dollars going?" is not an easy one to answer.  Over the years the state legislature has borrowed, back filled, refilled, and changed the color of money so many times, it is difficult to follow the movement of tax dollars.  Add to that, the many pieces of legislation passed in Sacramento that allocates property tax and you have a system only a professional can understand.


The one thing California taxpayers can be thankful for is that we have Proposition 13, which limits the amount your property taxes can be raise each year.


We are currently working with Orange County's Auditor-Controller Eric Woolery to make the process of tracking where your property tax dollars are going more transparent for taxpayers.  


Your Property tax bill will include a variety of different taxes and charges.  Your actual property tax is the 1% General Tax Levy established by Proposition 13.  Your bill might also include voter approved bond indebtedness and special district assessments.


The 1% General Tax Levy is collected by the County Treasurer-Tax Collector and then distributed by the Auditor-Controller based on a mathematical formula for a geographical area known as Tax Reporting Areas (TRA).  There are over 4000 TRA's in Orange County.  You can find what TRA your property is located in on your tax bill.


Click here to find your individual property tax bill.      


Once you are on your individual property, scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the detailed information link. Your TRA is the number located under the heading "Tax Rate"  (ex 08-001)


Then click here to find your TRA and follow where your property tax dollars go.  


Individual taxpayers only pay special assessments and school district bonds that apply to their specific property. Click here to see your individual property tax bill, and to find a detailed breakdown of tax information.  Once you are on your individual property tax bill, scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the detailed information link.

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